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Meet Amanda Bankston, Co-Founder of MVP Vibe

So when your friends are doing big things you have to shine a light on them and the Dope Black Woman that is Amanda (Dillon) Bankston and her hubby Eddie are definitely doing BIG things! They are the creators of an innovative new app called MVP Vibe.

Amanda and I go way back. I know I say that about everyone, but I really have built some dope relationships with some truly amazing women for the last two decades. Amanda is one of those women. Born and raised in Tylertown, MS and now residing in San Antonio, Texas, we met freshman year while we were attending Mississippi State University. We went on to be in a number of classes together and then boom we became members of the Greatest Sorority on the Planet! She is my sorority sister, my friend, and she gave me my first video acting gig! LOL! When I learned that she was launching an app for independent artists and those interested in supporting them, I couldn't wait to learn more.

What is MVP Vibe?

MVP (Musicians Vocalist Poets) Vibe is a social platform for independent artist and poets. This niche platform changes the way fans and artists connect by creating a virtual stage. Artists can receive tips “real money” from fans for their performances.

MVP Vibe has a mission to help artists get exposure, earn money, and access resources.

How did you get started in this business?

My husband started his own record label at the age of 19 and produced his own album. Even though life took him into the military and down a different path. He always wanted to come back to the industry. After reconnecting with the independent artist industry here in Texas his love continued to grow. We started looking for venues to purchase to open up a lounge or space for artist to perform. We quickly realized in order to really get the exposure for these artist we should create a niche social media so they don't have to compete with all the noise on other platforms. They also don't have to be a marketing expert to get discovered inside our platform. We also wanted to keep the tip jar component allowing the artist to monetize on the platform as well. So a little over 3 years ago, MVP Vibe was born.

Check out my interview with this Amanda below and be sure to download the app and follow MVP Vibe on all social media platforms.

Download the MVP Vibe app!

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