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First day of school and other things that may make you tired!

For many of us this week is the start of school for our kiddos. Tuesday marked my girls first day of school and for us it was a whirlwind of a day. All of the prepping (hair, supplies, clothes, lunch, etc) all comes down to one 7 hour day and for parents one 15-45 minute exchange.

Many of us started the day apprehensive and worried about what the day would bring especially With Covid cases surging amongst school aged children. We have to pray and do our part! That’s all we can do. In the meantime I have to shout out my babies the Glittergang, they are all embarking on milestone years! Laila is PreK4, Kai and Amber are both in 5th grade, and Zahra is in 8th grade. I don’t know how or when they grew up so fast but it is happening and finally I am settling into the idea of it. I love watching them learn and grow and I am so excited for where their individual journeys will take them.

For all of my moms out there…have faith that you have instilled in them what they need to soar and let them. So to my sweet Glittergang…SOAR babies!



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