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Meet Alyssa Noel of The Wright Family Values

Alyssa Noel is the millennial warrior for single women, couples and families. Alyssa holds a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach who partners with community organizations, CEO’s and professional community to contribute meaningful knowledge and guidance. After spending half a decade working in mental health and supporting families, Alyssa has contributed in several ways and continues to contribute. Most recently she is the executive producer and host of a Matchmaking gameshow alongside her husband. It doesn't stop there she has also created a Planner for mental health professionals to stay organized and maximize time.

Originally from Boston, MA, now living in Kissimmee, Florida, Alyssa’s journey of building strong families and supporting single women and couples began in 2015. Her foundation in mental health supported her in working with couples that were lacking the skills to foster a healthy romantic relationship and single woman trapped in the cycle of an unhealthy dating mindset. The Wright Family Values evolved into Alyssa and her husband Otis coaching together to show vulnerability and transparency to educate single women and couples in their relationships with themselves and each other. To support families through the ups and downs of parenthood Otis and Alyssa partnered up on this business venture to send a message to couples that you can overcome the challenges, breakthrough obstacles and true unconditional love still exist. We do one on one coaching, host a podcast show called The Relationship Quickie, host a video podcast on Facebook and YouTube, and share our message at speaking engagements.

Alyssa believes that the black family has been under attack for year's and that it is time that we take matters into our own hands to change the narrative and build stronger families that will encourage and support a healthier community for BIPOC. As a mental health professional she support families in normalizing therapy and processing trauma.

Her brand's mission is "Simply and complexly to reduce the divorce rate!"

This gentle and genuine spirit recognizes that she is able to positively impact people way beyond just love on a deeper level.

Check out our chat below and be sure to follow Alyssa and her brand on social media!


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