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Why is truth calling on a Monday?

So I had an awesome Self Care Sunday much so that I didn't even get a chance to blog. I spent my day resting, meal prepping and washing/twisting my hair. I even got a late night steam in. Sunday was great...but then here comes Monday musty ahhh...

Whew, it's only a few hours in and I'm OVA IT! Monday came in here full of emotions and wanting real answers and conversations out the gate.

Sometimes when truth calls you feel the need to answer...other times you have to decline to keep your sanity. I find myself answering to truth more often than not these days. But why is it that when things are going well truth rears its head.

Well, I used to think that it was an attempt to ruin something good but I am learning that it is not that at all. It is actually an attempt to elevate you while you're in a good place versus dragging you while you are already down. I used to hate this so much. Like really hate it. But I have grown to respect and appreciate it for the way in which it forces me to grow through it rather than just go through whatever I am supposed to overcome. So I guess, I am here for Monday's shenanigans or whatever homeboy is bringing.

I am learning to find the peace in the journey not just in the rest. Truth is the journey is where you do all of the growing and it sometimes gets ugly and sticky but you have to keep wading through it to become who you are destined to be.

So that's Monday morning for you...not some sunshine go be great and crush your goals post, but a real one that says sometimes life is hard and sometimes Mondays suck!

In the meantime, protect your energy and your peace at all cost while you GROW and GLOW! Tomorrow will be better if you face today with resilience and grit! Do something today that makes you feel good. I rode my bike for the first time in over a month, jumped rope, and did high knees! I feel amazing and ready to take this Monday by storm!



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