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Transformation Tuesday: Do it anyway!

Happy Tuesday y’all! A lesson in overcoming fear and anxiety... I never thought I would ever lose weight or get fit. I’m not 100% there yet but I’m better than I was when I started and definitely better than I was 13 months ago when I could barely walk.

Yesterday, we started working out with our kids to help incorporate a healthy lifestyle. I had to coach my little one not to be discouraged. It’s hard and it hurts when you’re starting something new. Honestly, when starting something new you’ll never truly feel 100% ready so you just have to do it anyway! That’s it! I reminded her that I started with 10 minutes a day until I could do more. Now I workout everyday sometimes twice a day.

Be bold and courageous today as you go about trying new things and learning new things about yourself. You’ve got this!! You have to trust the process!

Just keep going! I have to shoutout my bestie DeBlair Tate, CEO of 8Figured brand and DeBlairFitness for supporting me and being my virtual trainer every step of the way. If you’re interested in getting a jumpstart on your fitness journey DM her on Instagram @deblairfitness and get yourself on track! You’ve got this!

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