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The shift…

I literally have a thousand ideas run through my head on a daily basis but I struggle to get them all down. I could honestly write 2-3 blog posts each day chronicling my thoughts and still would have some left over.

So why do I go such long periods of time without posting?

Honestly…life be lifin’!!!

Kids and spouses being needy, work being extra, and time seeming to fly in every direction except the one you need. That’s been my portion as of late. I find myself with a trillion thoughts and no real time to sort through them all.

Take for instance right now…I’m writing this on the toilet!!! TMI…I know but that’s my reality.

People say you find time for what you want to do and while I don’t fully disagree I do have a caveat. In reality, you reallocate time for the things you want to do. Typically, we drop or halt something else in order to make time and room for something you feel pressed to do.

But what happens when everything feels pressing and time isn’t easily reallocated? Shit goes undone. That’s what! Opportunities are missed and things that you’d hoped to so just don’t happen.

I’m beginning to think that’s life and that’s the lesson. You can’t do everything. Not even if you wanted to. That’s the sucky part of adulting that no one shares.

I think I shared all of this to say that I need to do a better job of making time for me. This blog and my standing coffee and cocktails dates with Monica are sacred to me. They are the place where I find restoration and healing. When I get the chance to spend time with my friends I have to learn to lean into it more and truly enjoy that time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to let go and just enjoy the moment. (Shoutout to my girl Tameika for stealing me away for a weekend to do just that. She’s the goat.)

I realize that I have spent an excessive amount of time tunneling my vision to focus on people who are going to grow up and leave (the kids) and folks who have other things going on (the hubby). I have to find what makes me smile and want to reallocate my time so that I can do it more often.

I have some work to do and what better time to get started on it!

Let’s chat because I need ideas…What are some things that you will easily rearrange your schedule for that benefit you?

Share your tips below!



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