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The cycle of heartbreak…

So I didn’t know I could experience a heartbreak 💔 like the one I felt when my dad died when I was 9 years old but I was wrong. Losing my Uncle Charles this week unlocked a new level of hurt.

I can remember so vividly the day I lost my dad, my uncle came in and scooped me up and said “Don’t worry, I got you!” And he did! He was my mom’s baby brother and the crowd fave! He saw me through every phase. Childhood, the teen years, college, and then motherhood. He was to the Glittergang what he was to me growing up an amazing Uncle and male figure. Time allowed our relationship to evolve to one where we could talk about anything but it’s honestly always been that way. I am so grateful that I can say I had an uncle like my Unk because I realize how rare it is. From him teaching me how to shoot and hunt, to him teaching me how to package and process deer meat, to finally him showing me what a loving husband and father should look like. My Uncle Charles was a great example and he expected great things from the men who would become involved with his nieces. He made it clear that he didn’t play about his girls because he didn’t!!!! It’s hurts so bad to know I won’t get to see that beautiful smile of yours again but I am so grateful I got to have you as long as I did and that my last conversation was me leading you in prayer. I love you with all my heart and I always will.

Rest on Unk! Thank you for being who were to all of us and “don’t worry, we got your babies” Just like you had us!



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