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Reflecting On What 2020 Taught Me!

Happy New year!!

Whew! We made it y'all! There were times when you might not have been sure that you would but guess what? YOU MADE IT! Let's welcome 2021 in with grace and patience. There is so much that I learned from the journey that was 2020!

Here are a few things that 2020 taught me:

  • Be gentle with yourself!

  • Talk yourself up!

  • Encourage yourself first and you will be able to encourage others genuinely! (In other words, you have to fill your own cup before you can fill anyone else's)

  • Having friends and confidantes are great but therapy is a must!

  • Enjoy time with your loved ones!

  • Self care is essential!

  • Don't just talk it, walk it!

  • God's Grace is sufficient!

  • Be Grateful for it all!

  • Listen to your body and give it what it needs (rest, relaxation, healthy foods, exercise, meditation, etc.)

I am so grateful to be here and to be able to continue on this journey with all of you! This year is destined to be a great one!

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