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Put that ish down…

I have to be honest. I have been walking around with some pretty heavy burdens here lately that have left me frustrated and weary. Wanting to see changes occur or moves made quickly and really wanting to make things happen versus allowing them to happen naturally. Here I am tired and exhausted because I’m picking up weight that isn’t mine. Carrying bags that aren’t mine to carry. Just tired.

Then Monica shared something that her therapist shared that made sense. “Why are you carrying all of this, it’s probably not even yours to carry anyway!” That was a gut punch! Here I am, walking around burden filled carrying crosses and bags that aren’t mine. I’m not Jesus! I’m not a martyr! I’m a whole human outside of being a wife and mother and sometimes even I need to be reminded that I don’t have to do everything all the time.

I can’t be everything to everybody and nothing to myself. It’s not cute on any level. I had to tell myself “Put that ish down girl and walk away!“

I don’t want to be so tired, weary, and burned out that I don’t have time for me or the things I enjoy.

So I am learning (baby steps) to walk away and not to take up any crosses that aren’t my own. Work in progress!



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