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My Baby Is 6 Months Old💕

What baby, Mon!?!?

This blog, silly! LOL I've been nurturing this thing for 6 whole months, and just like any birthing experience, it hasn't been easy. Constantly worrying about whether I'm saying too much. Am I saying enough? Does anyone care? Should I care if they care? All the mental hoops that we jump through when we wonder if we are making the right choice. But just like with any baby, I'm not rushing the process. Being able to watch this project grow and see its impact is a blessing. And if it never leaves this stage, still

Thank you for coming along for the ride every week. This is my therapy. My place of solace. Where I let my thoughts out so they don't continue to dance in my head planting seeds of doubt and confusion. Where I come to unload. Some weeks I'm like "Girl, you doing too much." But those are the weeks that you let me know that something hit different.

I pray that you feel seen, heard, and loved. That you realized that you aren't alone in this world and aren't crazy for feeling the way you feel. But I also pray that you see your shadows. The parts that you hide from the world due to conditioning. The ways that you sell yourself short. The way you dim your light to not blind others. I pray you feel empowered to stop merely surviving and start thriving. We are meant to live out loud.

Like I've said it isn't always love and light. Sometimes we gotta light shit up on the journey to finding ourselves.

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