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Meet Podcaster Jazzmyn Shirley of Let's Talk About It with Jazzmyn Shirley

Nearly six years ago I had the pleasure of working at an elementary school in the rural community of Belle Glade, Florida. There I encountered a young woman who truly made a lasting impression on me. She was poised and determined to have her voice heard. I knew then that what she had to say was important and special. So it was no surprise that when she launched her podcast, "Let's Talk About It with Jazzmyn Shirley" that it would be a success.

Meet Jazzmyn Shirley, the creator of "Let's Talk About It“...she is an entrepreneur, mother, and truly Dope Black Woman.

When I think of Jazzmyn, to say I am impressed by her strength is an understatement. I am more impressed by her vulnerability and appreciation for sharing that space of vulnerability more than anything. She doesn't mind using her life and her story to inspire and motivate others. She also doesn't mind using her platform to give others the space to do the same.

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Jazzmyn gave birth to her podcast "Let's Talk About It" with Jazzmyn Shirley. What began as a way to share her voice and has since become a platform that allows others to do the same. On her podcast, she highlights guests that seek to share their voice and light in the same way and it is such a beautiful thing to watch. Season 1 can be found on all podcast streaming platforms and Season 2 will be launching live February 9th! Be sure to like and subscribe on every platform so you don't miss a thing!

Check out my interview and learn why Jazzmyn Shirley is such a big deal!

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