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Run It Back Friday....Meet Mackee Sykes, Professional Organizer and CEO of Wake Pray Create MS, LLC

Visit Mackee's new website and get yourself organized!!

So I was chatting with a good friend of mine who shared how she had someone come in and declutter her home. I was lowkey jealous because if there is something I could desperately use right now it is someone to help me declutter my life and home. I am also learning that organizing and decluttering can be a part of self-care. This is where the Queen of Clean comes in. Meet Mackee A. Sykes, Professional Organizer and CEO of Wake Pray Create MS, LLC.

Mackee, a graduate of Mississippi State University, is a native of Sallis, MS now residing in Pearl, MS with her husband Kyle. Her genuine love for organizing and decluttering are reflected in the way she engages her clients. Wake Pray Create is a labor of love designed to share organization solutions and home decor ideas. Wake Pray Create's mission is to de-clutter life's chaos and create organizing solutions that lead to a neat, tidy, clutter free space where you and your family can live, enjoy and create lasting memories.

Mackee has always had an eye for detail and spent years organizing and decorating her own home. In the past, she shared home decor and organization visuals on her social media platforms and always received a great feedback.

Mackee notes that, "For years, my husband has encouraged me to start a business but fear of failure impeded that process. However once the pandemic hit and with abundance of time on my hands, I finally decided to step out on faith and Wake Pray Create was born."

When asked how your brand impacts the African American/Black community?

Mackee says, "being a woman, a black woman, we wear many hats! We are daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and friends all while juggling marriages, motherhood, careers and whatever else life decides to throw in the mix. We are in a constant struggle of fighting to be heard, seen, appreciated and valued. I once heard the phrase, "Black women have been fixing things since things have existed". With the pressures of the world, so often times home life begins to suffer....household chores pile up and before you know you are overwhelmed and you have no idea where to begin. Here is where I come in. I understand the struggle and I'm here to help you out of the chaos by helping you get organize one room at a time. Whether it is a master closet with way too many clothes, a chaotic playroom, or a kitchen that could use some spicing up, I am here to help you create a functional easily maintained space that you and you family can enjoy for years to come."

I had the pleasure of interviewing this Dope Black Woman and literally had a whole therapy session in the process unpacking the mental health effects of clutter and anxiety. Mackee is the truth y'all! I am proof that she can work miracles from miles away!

***Please note that since this interview originally aired in October, Mackee has become a weekly panelist on my Facebook Live Show "A Tribe of Dope Black Women!" This is how friendships are born!!!

Check out our interview below and learn how this amazing woman makes it happen for her own family and so many others through her gift of organization.

Check out the gallery of her work and be sure to follow her on her social media platforms

Facebook @wakepraycreate

Instagram @wakepraycreate

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