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Meet I'Yunni Phillips, Teen CEO of Flawless Canvas by I'Yunni

What were you doing when you were a senior in high school? I was thinking about what to wear to the football games on Friday nights or maybe what videos I needed to catch up on to know the latest dance moves. Not this next boss, she is a teen mogul in the making and definitely the future of girl bosses.

Meet I'Yunni Phillips, a high school senior from Belle Glade, Florida and CEO of Flawless Canvas by I'Yunni and Queendom Entry, as well as, co-owner of Stand Up; Be Counted. Yes, she is all of that ya'll!

I'Yunni, whom I met while she and my daughters attended the same dance studio five years ago, is a 17 year old, high school senior who owns not one, but three, yes THREE, businesses. Her first love is makeup artistry which is the basis of her first business, Flawless Canvas by I'Yunni. A few years ago, I'Yunni's mother noticed her daughter's love and talent for makeup and paired her with a local makeup artist to study under. I'Yunni was a fast study and after two years of training branched out to create her own lane as a South Florida make up artist.

Not only has I'Yunni created her own lane, she is dominating it. Besides being an amazing makeup artist, she is also an honor student, and the creator of two additional businesses. The first is "Queendom Entry" which is an online blog that is designed as a community safe haven for queens to can express their opinions and beliefs on touchy subjects that arise around the world. Next is "Stand Up ; Be Counted" which she co-owns with her partner Anajiah Graham. Through this organization, the teen duo work to fight injustices in the Tri-city area (Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay, FL) and focus on bringing resources and funding to their communities. 

I'yunni is Black Girl Magic personified. I can't wait to see where her talents and ambition lead her next! Check out her artistry below.

Check out my interview with I'Yunni and learn more about this Dope Black business mogul in the making!

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