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Meet Dr. Sebrina Palmer, CEO and Lead Planner of The Encore Agency

Behind every Dope Black Woman I highlight, there is a story of how we met. I was fresh off the plane from Atlanta in 2007, pregnant but only my family knew and very jobless. I was feeling a little defeated about where my life was going at that time, but I knew that I had zero time to waste because in a few short months there would be a whole human whose life I would be responsible for. Can we say beast mode activated? I found out about a job fair for Jackson Public School District in Jackson, MS and decided to attend. Earlier that year, I had created a vision board that had a picture of me as an infant with the words to one day become a mother, another picture of a bridal dress and the words to eventually become a wife, and an index card that said to teach French. So far, I was batting one out of three. The motherhood thing was approaching quickly and now I was on a journey to find the job teaching French.

Well, while I was at the job fair, I interviewed on the spot with many schools and walked away with nothing. I tried not to show my disappointment and kept right on pitching myself at every table. (Please keep in mind that there has been a teacher shortage FOREVER, so I couldn't understand why it was so hard finding a teaching job! But I digress!) As I was gathering my things to walk away and recalibrate, I heard a voice that said 'Excuse me, have you ever considered teaching gifted?" I was like, no but I am sure I could. She explained to me that she had a newly vacant gifted teacher position that she felt I would be perfect for. Me being me, I asked how and why she felt that way. She literally began to minister to me and tell me how she listened to me time after time pitching myself and that she literally heard God say, "she's the one!" I was blown away, because I'm like "the one for what?" Because quite frankly, your girl was a hot mess in life at this point and just fighting to keep my head above the sand.

Dr. Sebrina R. Palmer, a proud graduate of my mother's Alma Mater, Thee Alcorn State University and former Miss Alcorn State University, called me in for a formal interview before a panel and offered me the job at French Elementary. I got to teach AT French! (Remember my vision board card said "to teach French" it should've read "to Teach at French" but I got it either way! The manifestation was real and I made it! She is the reason my career has taken the turn that it has because of the opportunity she afforded me, because of the belief that she had that I could do and be great in this field. She saw something in me that I didn't even see in myself.

So whenever I share my education or leadership story, Dr. Sebrina Palmer is at the helm of it. She instilled in me that "Failure is not an option for me" or my students and I have taken that mantra with me everywhere that I have gone.

When people ask me about my administrative mentor she is it! Dr. Palmer set the tone for excellence AND as a Black Woman debunked the myth that Black Women don't work well together. She helped to cultivate a powerhouse of Black Women and I will forever be grateful to her for that. Beyond that she showed me what it looks like to be a stellar educator and a rock star Mom and the balancing act that it all requires. The years that she and I worked together she never did anything small which is what led to the birth of her baby...The Encore Agency!

The Encore' Agency is a premier event planning firm. Our team provides a unique experience that intrigues the palette and inclines clients to return for services in anticipation of another Encore' experience.

According to Sebrina, "I've always been a highly organized and structured individual. I found that I had a sincere appreciation of the smiles and laughs I observed on the faces of guests who attended the events that made me want to plan another one. After some time of doing this mostly for family and close friends, I started to ponder the thought of exploring event planning as a hobby or maybe eventually a small business after I retired from education. It wasn't until I was having a candid conversation with a close friend that he challenged me to just "DO IT". He asked me what was hindering me from starting now. Honestly, I had no response to that, so I prayed about it and took a leap of faith. What you see today, is a manifestation of that leap of faith.

Read that again y'all!

What you see today, is a manifestation of that leap of faith.

The Encore' Agency is an EXPERIENCE! The company's mission is to offer a memorable, well planned and executed event that both clients and guests can joyfully recollect. The name "Encore" speaks to an impeccable experience worth repeating. When I say that she has done that, SHE HAS DONE THAT! Check out the receipts!

Also, check out our interview time and learn why this Dope Black Woman is one I hold so dear to my heart!

Be sure to follow The Encore Agency on all social media platforms and book your next event with The Encore Agency!

Sebrina highlights that "we are a RISING event planning firm and we are eager to plan any celebration in which a business or individual desires to celebrate. We extend our services inside and outside of the Jackson, Mississippi area."

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