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Let’s talk about Beyoncé’s Renaissance…

I have read so many quick thoughts on this album from my friends on social media. I don’t always chime in but as an artist this is one that I can’t pass on.

In my humble yet extremely talented and valuable opinion (humble brag) this is Beyoncé’s best work to date. This album is giving creative, grown woman, eclectic freedom. This album reminds us that it’s ok to be different, you’re free to do it (life) how you please! I fully embrace this energy!!

Album photo credit from Renaissance

Quite honestly, it sounds a lot like one of my favorite artists influenced it and truthfully I wouldn’t be surprised if Beyoncé herself admitted to this artist’s creative influence. The riffs, the underlying bass grooves, the funky melodies, the old school disco soul theme and the lyrical nuances coupled with the vocal talents of Beyoncé scream this artist’s name. Match that with Beyoncé love for freedom of speech, dope beats inspired from the African diaspora, that Houston, Texas southern twang, New Orleans bounce culture, and the big respect my Queen energy vibration births a perfect marriage. I love it!

So who’s the mystery artist that I think inspired Renaissance? Well it’s none other the beautiful Queen Solange! As my husband and I were listening to each song this weekend on repeat (I’m sure he’s already over the renaissance at this point🤣🤣🤣) I kept expressing how much I love each song and how it all feels so free. He said “baby you love it because it sounds like one of your favorite artists!” I instantly knew who he was referring to and totally agreed. Solange has always been the free spirited IDGAF sibling and I have always loved her for it.

Beyoncé matched that IDGAF energy with Renaissance and created a beautiful collection for us all to share and experience the feeling of freedom and joy if only for a little while. Thank you Queen Bey, this was a much needed feeling! #TheRenaissanceIsHere

What’s your favorite track? Today’s fave is “Plastic off the sofa” because of that nasty bass groove but “Church Girl” is on it’s neck!



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