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It’s ok to just be ok.

Happy Tuesday y’all! Positivity and strength are in the eye of the beholder. I had to learn that there is a such thing as toxic positivity and toxic strength.

They both involve overly projecting positivity and strength without consideration for the reality that some things aren’t positive and some things don’t make you strong.

As I growing in my self discovery I have finally come to realize that I don’t have to always put on the happy face or show how strong I am. There is strength in my weaknesses and there is power in my honesty. I think about the movie ”Inside Out” and how Sadness had to teach Joy that they each had a place and purpose in Riley‘s life. That movie was so real! We have to learn to embrace the joy and the sadness. They both have an important role in balancing us.

Just wanted to share that and say that staying positive, focused, and strong are all great things that can be gauged by you. As long as you’re good with it that’s honestly all that matters. Operate in your full capacity and just be you! Don’t feel pressured to be super positive and overly strong if that isn’t where you are at that moment. It’s ok to just be ok!

Let’s normalize this!

Have an awes day y’al!



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