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It’s Mon-day!!!

Soooo, it is not actually 8/24 in America yet but if my timing is right it is in Japan! That means it is our very own contributing writer, Monica’s birthday!

So we have deemed today…”Mon”day in her honor!

I can be fully transparent when I say that having Monica with me on this journey to self discovery has been one of the most liberating and powerful pieces of building this brand. I am so grateful for her wisdom, her honesty, her ability to get me together and gently hold space for me when I feel broken. She is the treasured friend that I discovered when I wasn’t looking. A God send honestly. Her “A Minute With Mon” posts challenge me to be more raw and honest with myself and with all of you. She has pushed me out of my box and encourages me to flex my feathers in true peacock fashion and strut!! For that I am grateful!

Mon, I hope your day is grand and that you know you have a whole world of folks who think you’re the ish!!! I hope you twirl on em for the whole 39 Sis!!!

Love you, Love you, Love you!!!

Happy Birthday Queen! Y’all show her some birthday love!



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