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Happy Kwanzaa Day 7 Imani (Faith)

IMANI — FAITH: To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

The seventh principle is belief in ourselves as individuals and as a people. Further, it is a commitment to the development of the family and the national African American community. African America’s goal of freedom rests significantly on our belief in our own ability and right to control our own destiny. Without Imani (faith), there is no possibility of victory.

The Imani principle teaches us to have confidence in ourselves, parents, teachers and leaders and community. Mary McLeod Bethune, noted educator and ambassador says: “Without faith nothing is possible; with faith nothing is impossible. Faith empowers us to see beyond the immediate.

• Start with yourself- Faith is the key motivator, in particular during times of crisis and adversity. Keeping the faith, however, means doing “work”. Faith without work is dead. Faith expressed through work becomes the motivating force which causes us to keep pushing on when there is no evidence of the anticipated outcome. Practice being more hopeful and record your practice in your journal.

• Start with your Family- Your families are an example and indicator of how well your community is functioning. Therefore, work on building a more hopeful family. Be able to express your confidence among your family members and do it often-by word of mouth, a letter, a card, or a hug.

• Start with teachers- Having faith in your educators expresses itself in parents and students doing their best (the principle Kuumba/Creativity) to learn and achieve. Make a commitment to be more supportive of teachers and your children, demonstrating in practice, the faith principle. • Faith Kwanzaa Commitment: Affirm what you will do to demonstrate more self-confidence and to exhibit more belief yourself, your community, your family, and those charged with educating your loved ones.

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