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Facing the reality of death

I talk a lot about overcoming. But today I need to take a moment and sit with my feelings. I am fighting hard each day not to be depressed. The death of my uncle (a week ago today) reminded me just how fast life can change. To not know he was as sick as he was… to finding out how sick he was… to a few weeks later him not being here feels unreal.

I know how his death is affecting us…his family, his friends, and his community. But the empath in me can’t help but think how it must’ve affected him. Fighting hard everyday, but not fully knowing if he could or would beat it. (BTW, phuck cancer!) I know how much my uncle loved his family. I know how much he loved living. I know how hard he must’ve fought and I know it must’ve been even harder to let go. It’s hard letting go. In every way. Life can be like that sometimes.

I pray his soul is at rest knowing that while we are hurting now. We will eventually be ok.

It took me all day to find the words to say I’m still sad and I’m ok with it for now because it is the reality that comes with grief and death.

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