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Don’t forget to take out the trash!!

So as I was getting everyone to school this morning I noticed a strange smell in my truck. I couldn’t pinpoint it right away so I discarded the thought and kept on truckin. Well once everyone was dropped off and I finally arrived to my destination the smell returned. I looked back to gather my things and I saw it. The trash I placed in the truck yesterday with intent to drop it off at the dumpster, well I was in a rush and it started to rain (all excuses) and I forgot to take it. When I got home from my destination it was still raining so I didn’t think to do it. Fast forward to this morning and now I’m overwhelmed with the stench and the kids are now affected by it. I knew I needed to take the trash out, I even planned to do it, but I got caught up in other things and let it stay where it was.

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Has this ever happened to you in life? I’m not talking about trash literally, I’m talking about the figurative! Trash is anything toxic that keeps stinking up your life and making your space and environment unpleasant. It could be people, jobs, bad habits, addictions, depression, anxiety, fear, and/or any other unnecessary dead weight or stronghold. Trash represents whatever you need to rid yourself of or declutter in order to be better and this morning’s encounter was the very reminder that I needed to take out the trash.

I’m not one to throw away much. One might consider me a hoarder in some ways. However, I am learning with age and wisdom that everything can’t stay. You just don’t have enough space to accommodate all the things you want to hang on to. It’s spring time and as we prepare for things to blossom, we must first make room by weeding out what’s not needed or what could potentially harm the harvest. You are the harvest and in order to bloom you need optimum conditions.

This is the reminder to take out your trash!!



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