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Congratulations Sirobè!!!

It’s #MakingMovesMonday and I will be flooding your timeline with all things #RAFLive2023 but first I have to give a huge congratulations to my Sisterfriend Sirobè. When I tell y’all that I am surrounded by Black women who are straight powerhouses, this is what I mean!

If you have seen me over the past 3 years, then you may have noticed that I wear less makeup and have become so much more confident in my bare face. Sirobe and her skincare brand Sirobe x VousDoux are the reason why. When she launched her brand I was at my wits end with my blotchy skin and lacked an effective skincare routine. Let’s just say, now I have a natural glow, only experience breakouts during my cycle (which is normal), and I have a new found confidence that is next level.

Sirobè I am so extremely proud of you and how hard you have worked to create products naturally that nourish and hydrate even the most sensitive skin like mine. Thank you for helping me love the skin I’m in by teaching how to properly care for it. And congratulations to you for getting closer your mission to ensure everyone feels about their skin and skincare routine the way my family and I do. I love you Sisterfriend!!! 😍😘

Also, I told y'all I was back!!! I can't wait to share about RAF!!!

Check out this throwback interview with Sirobè sharing her brand vision!



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