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Buy Black 365: 8Figured Clothing Brand

In honor of Black History Month, I will be highlighting some of my favorite Black businesses, authors, influencers, and entrepreneurs each day.

Wait...I do this every day! It's just what I do!

February is no different, I love highlighting all things Black! So stay tuned for some of my faves.

Today, I am highlighting 8Figured clothing brand. This month they are offering 10% off your purchase. All of my dope workout gear comes from 8Figured and the CEO is a Dope Black Woman, DeBlair Tate.

It's not just a clothing brand, 8Figured is a lifestyle!

Get yourself some gear and tap into her for her fitness expertise! Her 6 week fitness challenge is everything! I have changed my entire life as a result of her challenge! Even more of a reason to support this amazing Black business!

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