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But first…

You ever had one of those days where you really want to get it all done but you just can’t quite push yourself to do it. That was me yesterday. I had so many things I wanted to knock off of my list but I just couldn’t quite turn the key on it. I got the major non-negotiable tasks completed but all of the things I wanted to do faded.

I think I’ve grown a lot because I used to be devastated about not getting it all done on some strange and strained timeline. Now, I get it done when I can and if I feel like it. I am finally learning to let go of that feeling that drives a great bit of my anxiety.

Baby steps y’all…baby steps! I am learning to let go…it’s hard and it doesn’t always feel good but it’s necessary. I am not super woman…I’m just a Dope Black Woman trying to create and sustain a legacy for her family…and that’s major! So today I plan to get some things done, but first…coffee!

I hope you all are rediscovering your power too!



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