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A Tribute to my Kai Elizabeth as you turn 10!

Dear Kai Elizabeth,

My are my kids growing up so fast? Is it me or is time in wharp speed? Today, you, my middle child, my mermaid loving Leo twin, Kai Elizabeth, turns 10!

I am so excited for you to hit this milestone! Kai you are the life of the party in so many ways! A creative, free spirited, empath who is full of compassion for others. But I honestly can't believe a whole decade has already passed with me being your mother. I literally remember laying you on my chest for the first time in the hospital like it was yesterday. I can remember your first coos and cries so vividly.

It definitely doesn't feel like 10 years have passed! Like how?

I can remember the many milestones that you've had...first steps, first words (you are my only child who said "ma" first, Zahra said "Barack" and Laila said "Hey" this matters because most kids usually say "Dada" first, but I digress! Lol!)

My Kai Elizabeth, you have marched to the beat of your own drum from day one. Never rushing to do anything more than just be Kai. Your name Kai means "ocean" or "of the sea" in Japanese which is so fitting because you are most certainly a mermaid.

Elizabeth means 'consecrated by God" or "God's promise' in Hebrew. You are truly a promise fulfilled. I didn't want Zahra to be an only child and God sent her the perfect little sister. Messed around and got married then she became the perfect sister/bff for Amber and a phenomenal big sister for Laila!

This year was rough, you encountered challenges that would impact you deeply. But you are overcoming and I am so proud of you! I tell you everyday how magical you are...please don't ever forget that! You are a Beautiful, Black, Brilliant, Smart, Caring, Creative, Free-Spirited, Genuine, Kind, and Majestic Young Queen don't ever let anyone tell you different!

We are so thankful to be able to watch you grow and learn each day! I am so proud to be your Mom! Wear your crown each day with grace and favor! I pray that this new season brings you joy, adventure, growth, love, peace, and way more smiles than frowns!

I hope today marks the beginning of another decade of awesome!



P.S. If you want to show Kai some birthday love feel free to subscribe to her YouTube channel KickinitwithKai and show her some love via my cashapp $MsChellz put “Kai” in the note! Cashapp is the new birthday pin!

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