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A Prayer for Virtual Schooling Moms

I’ve been watching as schools have been reopening and parents have had to make the choice of whether or not to send their kids back to a brick and mortar school or help facilitate their learning via distance learning. I know this choice has been difficult for everyone but it hit different over the last two weeks when it was time for my own children to begin school. Since we are/were still in phase 1 there was no option of brick and mortar. School buildings are closed and all students are participating in virtual learning. I have been working remotely since March and this spring was easy breezy...or so I thought! When school started two weeks ago, I began to question my own sanity! What was I thinking enrolling a toddler (3 year old) in virtual learning? The big girls, (7th grade and 4th grade) are managing classes like pros (once we got past the technical issues of day 1) and really enjoying the virtual experience.

This toddler though!!! Whew Chile! Send help, PLEASE!!!

She is the truth! I know things would be different if she were in a classroom setting but watching her quickly adapt to virtual learning has blown my mind. The first day for her was bananas but each day afterwards got a little better. Is this our new norm? I can’t fathom sending the girls back to school just yet even though parts of me want them to have that chance to build camaraderie and community with their schoolmates. I just can’t risk them becoming sick. Primarily because one of my daughters already has serious respiratory issues and is high risk for becoming sick if exposed to the virus. Also because of all the uncertainty around the virus. Honestly, neither of them are interested in going to school in person at all. I will keep them home as long as I’m able to work from home, but after that, then what? I have known so many personally who have died as a result of the virus. It’s probably one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever had to make and I know that every other parent feels the same way.

Updated: I wrote this after week is now Friday night of week two and this week was much better than the first. My oldest wants to go to school badly and I will let her simply because I know she can handle wearing a mask for hours whereas the others simply cannot. I will still be home with the toddler and the 4th grader for just a little while longer. I know there is a huge chance that we will be opening up sooner rather than later and I will have to send them all back, but in the meantime I will keep pressing along.

How has this pandemic affected the way you make decisions regarding your kids and school, sports, extra curricular activities, etc?

Sound off in the comments...

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